My Name is Mukii

And I am a freelance front-end web developer from Kenya

I specialize in WordPress & Magento development, semantically building
amazing websites in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/jQuery and PHP.

A little more about me

My name is Mukii and I am a freelance front end WordPress developer from Nairobi; Kenya. I build semantic websites in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/jQuery, and then tie it all together with the WordPress content management platform. I work with companies/individuals with their projects on a global scale, assisting clients with their web projects from the UK to countries worldwide such as the United States and Australia. Most of the projects I have worked on are tied up under NDA’s, so legally I can’t discuss these or show my involvement in them. However; to see some of the work that I am able to share, view my portfolio here.

Some of the types of projects I undertake for clients are:

  • WordPress Custom Themes
  • WordPress Custom Plugins
  • WordPress Custom Widgets
  • Magento Custom Themes
  • Angular JS Applications
  • React JS Applications
  • HTML Builds
  • HTML Emails
  • Web Design