ABOUT Emuktech

They call me the magician. I can make things happen out of thin air.

In technical terms, I’m a UI / UX web developer which means I’m the perfect blend of web design and front-end web development skills. With versatile exposure of dealing with projects in different industries such as e-commerce, web and mobile applications, enterprise technology, education, etc, I’m your best bet if you’re planning to make it big on the Internet. May it be prototyping, formulating processes, designing creatives, or developing interactive UI for web applications; you name it, and I’ll make it happen for you! And it just doesn’t stop there as I always keep an eye out for the newest technologies that can help me make your project better.


First Things

The first step of any app or web project is to develop your idea into a well-formed product. Development starts with understanding the core idea and working out how best to develop it. The first thing I will do is to get you to send me a detailed brief, this helps you just as much as it helps me as it forces you to sit down and really plan your idea. Once you have the brief I can digest it and give you some indication of costings and estimates for my services.
Providing all is good we can begin to discuss how the product should function and who your target audience is, iron out a few kinks, and ensure we’re both on the same page.


Let’s Do Some Coding

We will now have some solid plans and know the app or website functions inside out, we will have detailed wireframes that we can refer to in case of any questions or problems and everyone involved knows ‘what’s what’.
The next step is to make it look pretty, this is where the User Interface design comes in, UI is everywhere – every website you have ever been on has a form of interface design in one way or the other. UI is hugely important to get right, as you may have the best idea in the world but if it looks bad none will want to try it.

Yes! It’s Life

Congratulations, we have tackled the idea, UX, UI, and got the project developed. The project will now go live online or on the various App Stores across the world. We can install analytics so you can see realtime live feeds of who’s using your products and what their usage habits are. You can now sit back relax and enjoy the thought of your projects being the life and begin to think about the next big idea!