Muki is a web, mobile application developer and a Digital Marketer Based In Nairobi who pays attention to every details.

I’m flexible, friendly, approachable and eager to provide you your web and mobile solutions. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java and PHP are the tools of my trade.


I am familiar with responsive design techniques, approaching all projects with a mobile-first view, ensuring that what I produce will look great regardless of the type of device it is being viewed on.

I do have lots of ideas and enthusiasm. I’m keen to partnering with companies and individuals with great reputation and highly motivated developmental ideas.

  1. I offer a complete Web/Mobile Solutions to my clients.
  2. I can guide you through the early stages of project planning and research,
  3. Help you with information architecture and user experience, create your designs, and
  4. Finally build the application for you

Are you ready to get started?

To find out more about the comprehensive website development and design solutions I can tailor to your brand, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. You can call +254 748 106 177, or alternatively chat with me via WhatsApp button below 🙂