Clean Hacked Website

Emuktech – clean hacked website, removes malicious code and exploits and secures your files. Sometimes when a site is hacked, then it can become more of a target or challenge for others and it can be the subject of attention from hackers repeatedly. This is why it is important to fix and secure the site as soon as malware and exploits are discovered and data loss can be restricted. Contact me here to start recovering your site.


What are the Symptoms that your website is hacked?

  • Your hosting company has disabled your site
  • You see odd text and links
  • Google has you blacklisted
  • Visibly obvious that it is hacked
  • Website redirecting to another URL
  • Non-authorised behaviour
  • Creation of new users
  • High and varied bandwidth of traffic
  • You cannot log in
  • Visitors complaining
  • Strange popup window behaviour

What do hackers use my website for?

Home to Malware

  • Malware
  • Phishing
  • Indecent material
  • Spam pages

Redirect visitors

  • URL redirection
  • Bad backlinks
  • Spam SEO
  • Make your site an ‘attack site’


  • Vandalism
  • Taking down site
  • Steal user data
  • Possible blackmail

How I fix your website:


  • Backup website
  • Scan the files
  • Scan the database
  • Detect other exploits


  • Replace core files
  • Remove bad files
  • Clean database
  • Remove unauthorised users


  • Change passwords
  • Install sentrys
  • More scanning
  • Block bad IPs

Need help from a web security expert?

Whether you want to proactively lock your site down or it has already been hacked, we’re here to help. All services include a detailed report and a 90-day guarantee for an affordable price.