Ethiopia Web Expert

Emuktech is the premier web development company in Ethiopia. We offer web design and branding. Since 2017, we have been online! Emuktech is a full-service web design agency. We offer web design and marketing services. Our clients have a positive experience with us. We have a reputation for creating a positive return on investment for our clients.

Our services include:

  • designing your site, selecting a domain,
  • choosing web hosting,
  • posting on your social media accounts relevant content,
  • building your brand with integrated Search Engine Optimization SEO,
  • distributing Press Releases about your site and the services that you offer to create engaging Brochures or flyers.

Emuktech Ethiopian Web Design

Emuktech specializes in custom web design and is here to help you succeed online. Our creative solutions are based on key marketing principles and the most recent design innovations. We will ensure that your business is seen and heard.

WordPress Sites Development

Upgrade your website with WordPress, the industry-standard content management system. It is available at your convenience and without any ongoing fees. Emuktech Web Design can create a WordPress Business site or International Hotel website based on a theme. Or a fully custom website that takes advantage of all the features of WordPress.

Ethiopia Web Expert


Responsive Website Design is essential.

Responsive website design adjusts the content for any size screen that your visitor is using, making your website look great on any desktop computer or smartphone. The appearance of a website is dynamically changed depending on the screen size.

With Emuktech Web Design, the website looks great on any device. This makes it possible to view your website from any device, whether a smartphone, tablet, or computer.