Freelance Web Developer & Consultant


I am a professional freelance web developer & consultant based in Brighton in East Sussex.  I happily travel though and have worked for businesses, agencies, and designers in Keny, Nairobi. Wales, The Channel Islands, and many locations in England.

I have been working as a Web Developer since 2017


As a positive, straight-talking, and responsive communicator I make sure that I keep my clients informed of progress. I raise any issues that I come across quickly and demystify technology to ensure that my clients can make informed decisions.


I have worked for a wide variety of clients over the years from one-man bands such as wedding photographers and legal consultants through to large companies such as Virgin, Barclays Bank, Enterprise Rent a Car and Carphone Warehouse.  I struggle to find the time to write about all the projects I work on, but you can read about some of them on the portfolio page.

Get In Touch

If you or your organization needs the assistance of a skilled freelance web developer then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

and prior to that wrote applications with Microsoft Access in Visual Basic.  I am experienced with many web technologies and you can find out more about the technologies I work with here.  At times I am engaged to work with other developers and am mindful of the fact that other developers may need to update my code in the future.  So I write logically structured and well-annotated code to ease the work of others and reduce the cost of ownership.