It has been a pleasure to work with many companies in Abroad and also in  Kenya, I am incredibly talented & creative and has done an excellent job creating animation and logo for us! I highly recommend using Me for whatever you need to be done!Muki response time is impeccable & his communication in explaining & understanding in what you need was amazing!

My culture

I love what I do and collaborate every day hungry to change the world of work


I believe the future of work is centered around freedom. Freedom to choose how you work, where you work, and for you to be in control of your own time.


There’s never a bad idea atEmuktech. Everybody is open to being asked why or how, and nothing is set in stone. It’s this shared openness that enables us to be flexible and to investigate alternative ways to bring ideas to the platform.


The way the world works is going through a massive change thanks to innovations in technology. I have a finger on the pulse, always testing, adapting, and innovating to push the boundaries of the industry…