My name is Muki and I am a Front-end web and WordPress developer, I have been doing software development for the past 4, including web development for the last 3 years. I have worked with various technologies and programming languages including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, and have an exquisite blend of experience in WordPress and bootstrap and CSS3 animations.

Effective and clean cross-browser support has been a priority in many of the projects I’ve worked on. I’ve had plenty of experience with developing sites for IE7+, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. More recently, I’ve been working on WordPress websites.

My goal is to continue doing software development and learn new languages. I’m a social person so I can work either alone or in a team. I enjoy writing dynamic code and just get the job done whilst keeping the code is easy-to-read, robust, and flawless.

Outside of the world of computers, I like video games, movies, working with electronics, cycling, travel when possible, and go out with friends for a nice cup of coffee.