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Our team has years of Laravel experience.
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Lavarel could be one of the platforms that we use to build your custom web application. Laravel, an open-source PHP web framework that allows you to develop web applications using the Model View Controller (MVC), architectural pattern. Laravel is primarily used to build custom web apps. It streamlines development aspects like routing, templating HTML and authentication.

Laravel: Why do we use it?

Laravel is cost-effective, scalable and robust. Its simple-to-use design will take the hassle out of web development and allow us to build your site quickly. The platform allows us solve complicated problems and help you achieve your business goals. Laravel is a great tool to build bespoke web platforms and applications. It can also be integrated with booking systems, CRMs, quoting software and other systems. This will allow you to increase your business efficiency.

Why use Laravel Framework?  is one of the most popular PHP frameworks that combines security, powerful features with scalability and high-level performance. It helps our developers in building the most robust web applications with the complex backend. Laravel allows our developers to build enterprise applications that easily handle thousands of requests per second.

Laravel developer Edinburgh – Depth of Knowledge are able to create more robust and efficient systems because we have a deep understanding of Laravel. We are familiar with the quirks and pitfalls of Laravel, as well as the best methods to complete a task. Laravel is a PHP framework that has many advantages.

Why love Laravel's features

  • Laravel developer edinburgh  makes it easy to interact with databases across a range of supported databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL and MS SQL Server.
  • Laravel developer edinburgh aims to provide you with the tools that you need to quickly and securely implement authentication.
  • Laravel developer edinburgh offers an API that is expressive and unified for all caching backends such as DynamoDB DynamoDB, Redis, Memcached, Redis, DynamoDB and relational databases right out of the box
  • Laravel Mix offers a fluent API to define webpack build steps in your Laravel application using common CSS and JavaScript preprocessors.
  • Laravel developer edinburgh  Integration provides simple drivers to work with local filesystems, SFTP and Amazon S3
  • Laravel developer edinburgh is a simple, clean email API that uses the SwiftMailer library. Laravel and SwiftMailer offer drivers to send email via SMTP and Mailgun, Postmark and Amazon SES.

Built on top of PHP programming language

PHP is a widely used scripting language for general purposes that is well-suited for web development. PHP is fast, flexible, and pragmatic. It powers everything, from your blog to the most visited websites around the globe.

Experience Lucid Crystal

Our development team has created custom systems such as:

  • Survey and Reporting Tools
  • Risk Assessment Analysis Systems
  • We are flexible and able to work with any requirements if you're looking for Laravel developers in London.
  • Content Management Systems
  • Web portals for customers
  • Lead Management Systems
  • Online booking engines
  • E-commerce platforms


PARTNERSHIPS  technology powerhouse and a Googleand facebook Partner creative development agency. This makes us an ideal partner for 50+ companies in developing, designing and building their products. These are our partners in LA, USA and Groningen (Netherlands).

When is it appropriate to hire an group?  teams can be used for long-term projects and software development. Because your core developers are not re-assigned to any other projects, you can keep the valuable product and business knowledge that has been built over time.

You don't have to worry about keeping staff on your payroll if they aren't needed.

While cost savings should not be the only reason to outsource, there are significant savings when you outsource a development team monthly. Technologies

The Microsoft technology stack is our main focus as it provides a platform for high-performance, secure, and scalable web applications. To build modern, responsive frontends that are easy to use on any screen size, we use the best open-source frameworks and tools. We specialize in mobile apps using native apps as well as React Native cross-platform applications. This is usually done with a Google Firebase backend service for high developer productivity, cost-effectiveness, and great scalability.

The process

We first learn about you and your product so we can identify the roles, technical skills, and experience required for the development team. We then match your requirements with the most suitable candidates. We will help you select the right team or send you resumes. After that, we schedule interviews.

Why choose

We are an expat-run business with an international outlook. We offer quality remote workers who are able to deliver high quality work, communicate well, and are productive and stable. We are a business with good ethics and we value honesty and straight-talking.

Are you tired of working in code factories and outsourcing? You should try something different. Programmers will offer suggestions, point out issues and suggest ways to improve. No more smirking or nodding to conceal confusion.

We are specialists in Microsoft technologies and have a strong focus on the Microsoft technology stack. Our developers are Microsoft-certified and we are Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.  Software played an important part in the development and maintenance of our product.