M-Pesa Integration Payments Integration on websites

M-Pesa C2B or M-Pesa Customer to Business transaction occurs when a client uses the Lipa Na M-Pesa functionality on their M-Pesa menu to make payments to companies/institutions. To process these payments, my job is to customize or develop your application. In addition to receiving payment status and reports, you will be able to access your account online using Lipa na M–Pesa Online Pay API. This API allows customers to make M-Pesa transactions on their behalf via STK Push. When my Safaricom app makes payments, this is also the method used.

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B2C or M-Pesa Business to Customer M-Pesa transactions occurs when Companies/Organizations/Institutions are sending out Payments to Customers. My M-Pesa B2C integration enables companies to send money to end users online or in another application or automated system. After the automated system sends payments you will get all the C2B reports of your transactions statuses on your application.

Lipa na mpesa website integration

Mpesa integration via Safaricom Mpesa API has been a problem for many people. I will help you integrate your website to mpesa API so that your clients can be placing orders online. Follow the mpesa API tutorial to learn how lipa-na-mpesa integration works.