Muki Web Maintenance Services

Muki Web maintenance services in Kenya at very reasonable prices starting from only Ksh1,000 per month. I Make changes and updates for my clients 7 days a week.

If you would like to maintain your own website, I can also re-build the website and add a content management system(eg WordPress) in place that allows you to maintain the website yourself.

I do provide website maintenance services in Kenya on daily and weekly basis.  You can hire me to update your website on hourly basis or I can have a contract on monthly basis.

Either you have a start-up company site or running a successful E-commerce website online; website maintenance is an incredibly important to have a thriving web presence that keeps your website looking great and up-to-date.

I know that an out-dated website is a worst case scenario and your visitors would not take a second to leave it. So, there is always the need to keep your website updated with fresh & relevant content. Its very important to update your website.

If you are looking for some new and updated content for your website, or to have someone maintain it for you, well I offer great services. Taking your website and transferring it into a much more up-to-date look, search engine optimized, and updated content on your web pages.
If you just want me to maintain it for you, I  can do web maintenance at a very reasonable cost.

Website Maintenance Services in Nairobi Kenya

I can maintain your website, update your website, and optimize your website in one shot.

When I create a website for our clients, we maintain it for 30 days free.

Website Redesign Service in Kenya

When I re-build your website, my maintenance services become even that much less expensive because I am now maintaining a website in out my design code and it is much better for someone to repair, update, & change their own programming code, rather than someone else.

If your website is static and not too big, I will even re-build the website for free!

When I redesign a website, I optimize it for the search engines, I lower the page weight of the pages to make them load much faster, do the Meta tags for the search engines, and clean the coding up to make the website that much better. If you require updates, or add-ons, I can certainly make these at the same time as the updates. If there are many changes, my prices will be low. When the website is done, my maintenance fees will also be low.

I always come up with professional website maintenance services in Kenya, which ensure your site will receive the attention that it deserves, such as;

  • Ongoing Site Maintenance
  • Engage & Repeat Visitors
  • Seasonal Enhancements
  • Code Review & Optimization
  • Technical Enhancement
  • Testing & Fixing Error
  • Application Optimization
  • New 3rd Party Add-on Generation
  • Functional Enhancements
  • Product & Image Management
  • Professional Copywriting
  • Timely News, Offers & Announcements

I always focus on growing your business online. So, let me take care of maintaining & updating your website in Kenya to keep it relevant in today’s competitive online market.

Summary of Website Maintenance Choices

Whatever service you choose, rest assured the prices will be great. Kenya Web maintenance Services makes it that much easier to pick the right scenario for every business. If you would like to have me maintain your existing website in, re-build your existing website in Kenya, or have me build a content management system for your existing website, I can do anything my customers require.

If I re-builds your website, I make it search engine friendly at no extra cost!

My updates happen within 12 hours. I make sure my customers can get in touch with me 7 days a week from 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM.

Are you ready to get started?

To find out more about the comprehensive website development and design solutions I can tailor to your brand, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. You can call +254 748 106 177, or alternatively chat with me via WhatsApp button below 🙂