Website Repair Services

Are you looking for someone to help fix your website? I have spent thousands of hours debugging website codes. Hiring an expert can help you diagnose and fix all types of website problems. Here are some examples of problems I can fix for you on your website.

  • Problems with the webpage
  • Websites not secure
  • Website hacked or malware
  • Database connection errors
  • The website is offline/down
  • Website is slow


Hire a Website Repair Expert

Website problems can be solved quickly with the help of a wealth of experience.

10+ Years of Experience

I have spent thousands of hours creating and repairing websites.

Problem Solver

However, my experience doesn’t necessarily mean that I can always solve a problem quickly. It can be difficult to fix website problems. It can be difficult to find the right code from another programmer to fix a website error.

Cost of fixing website problems

Although I can provide an estimate for your site’s repair, I only charge hourly for website problems. Sometimes new problems arise when I have access to the code. I cannot estimate these issues upfront.