What I cover under Website Maintenance Services Kenya?

Website maintenance is like cleaning, repairing, and painting your house, the more stable and attractive it is, the more often it will be visited and noted by others. Similarly, the website needs some maintenance to update the content of your site. The information displayed on the webpage becomes outdated in course of time so it is required to keep your content up-to-date to show your visitors you are on top of the subject. Muki WordPress Maintenance services will help you to load pages faster improving user experience, increasing your page views, and also helps with your Website SEO. Most importantly a slow website means users will potentially leave your website before it even loads.

Here are the following points that Muki provide under Website maintenance services:

  •  Muki’s best website maintenance services will help you to update your website products, company news updates, content.
  • Using a proper website maintenance program you can try and avoid being hacked by keeping everything up to date.
  • Because of maintaining a WordPress website, you can increase search ranking on Google search listing
  • Using Website maintenance services you can improve conversion rates.
  • You can test your checkout process.
  • Using WordPress website maintenance services you can update your copyright.
  • My WordPress maintenance services also include keeping product descriptions, services, contents, prices, images accurate.
  • Website maintenance makes certain search functions work.
  • Using my website maintenance services your whole website database and files will be monitored and backed on regular basis
  • My website maintenance services also include Website Security and prevent your website from brutal attacks, malware, viruses, etc)
  • My Website maintenance services also help you to test your Forms and other functionalities regularly.
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